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Find your cupcake Wonderland...

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she stumbled across two rather tempting delights. A box of cookies labelled 'Eat Me' and a vile of liquid labelled 'Drink me'. What Alice didn't notice however, was the delectably delicate cupcake labelled 'Bite Me,' left resting upon the table.

Though we all know the journey that befell upon Alice after eating the cookie and drinking the drink... What we never did discover is the wondrous adventure that may have followed biting that scrumptious treat.

But you, my friends do not have to miss out on such wondrous an adventure, no sir. You won't need to stumble down any rabbithole and will certainly need no key.

... Simply send us a message asking for the cupcake adventure of your heart's pleasing. And voila, your wonderland is just one bite away.

About Us

Bite me. Cupcakes & Treats is a Brisbane based made-to-order cupcake business. Specialising in custom flavours and designs, Bite Me's mission is to make your cupcake dreams a reality! We offer customised cupcakes to suit any and all occasions; from baby showers to birthdays, engagements to weddings, company events to corporate promotions, we cater for all!


When I was a young girl, my little brother and I would set up a make-shift kitchen and shop in our bedroom. We'd "cook" and "bake" yummy treats (out of lego and playdough) and sell it to our parents and friends in exchange for Monopoly money and chocolate coins.

As I grew up, I swapped the lego and playdough for butter and sugar (and all of the other baking essentials that I never conceived as a child) and started baking real cupcakes and treats for my family and friends, in exchange for a treasure chest of beloved memories.

As time went on, my love of baking transformed into a passion and soon into a yearning to have a real cupcake store of my very own; to bake and sell cupcakes and treats for the world to enjoy!

Now my yearning has become reality. And though I may not be able to share it with the world just yet; to me, South East Queensland is a pretty good start. Choose from any of our great themes and designs or create your own! Send us details and/or pictures of your dream cupcake/s and let us make them happen. Send us your favourite photo or artwork image and we can create a custom cupcake mural and cupcake box just for you.

I look forward to making your cupcake wonderland dreams come through!

- Nicolette Xx

Instagram: @CupcakesNTreats

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